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Topic: Ethics

Lets start the story of this article with our own life. With something that most of us confront in our daily lives. Compare your self entering in a small market to buy anything which is of common use with not a lot of options attached to it and on the other hand observe your self entering in a big dazzling market, where the display of the same product over whelms you just because here its been displayed in different colors, sizes and shapes.

Confronted with a sudden, vast array of choices, your reaction is perfectly reasonable under the circumstances. Itís an anxiety attack and now you might end up knocking over the whole display.

There are certain writers who have been indicating the fact that we would become slaves to an overabundance of choices, which will ultimately lead to less freedom and less time. Having a lot of choices may seems to be the blessing but too much will do nothing more other than involving you in spending more time and will lead to no selection at all. However this is not enough to take you out of trouble, because getting into these small problems of daily life is much easier than to get out of it. Now the question is that how to get out of this duel state of mind, where on one hand you always want to have a taste of something new and on the other hand there is too much to choose from. Here is something to give you a peace of mind:

How about keep buying the same thing which you always does, regardless of how many items you have in front of you. Now that can sound a little boring because no matter what, you always like to buy new things. Than how about setting a goal of exploring a new area of supermarket on each trip. Just try to imagine that even if you visit the supermarket once a weak, you will still manage to explore almost 50 new products in the course of next year.

Another way of doing it the better way is that when ever you find yourself hooking up with low level decision, than always ask a question from yourself that does this really make a difference or not. Try to get in the habit of making only few decisions a day (the one that really counts).

The same goes to automobiles, VCRs, stereos, telephones, answering machines, cameras, fax machines and a baby strollers. Whether you buy a medical insurance or whether you are planning to invest your money in something you think it worth. But the more you have, the more it will be harder for you to understand.

Awareness, interest, purchase, consumption, and maintenance of these products is draining. Every new product you are exposed to pilfers a portion of your day, however meager, with a predictable cumulative effect. For you it always best to take few things in consideration before involving yourself too much into it and having thrown a lot of time away for it:

Consider the value of any product, service, or plan as twofold: (1) the intended benefit and (2) the ease with which you can understand, receive, and enjoy those benefits. If it does not provide both than the question of whether to buy that thing or not should move on the negative side. And donít be bother about your decision too much because in the end there will be plenty of other options available for you.

If none of the above mentioned is acceptable to you than take two aspirin, get some rest, and find the appropriate issue of CONSUMER REPORTS or CONSUMERS DIGEST IN THE MORNING.

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